Hypnotic Headline Swipe FileThe ability to write a good headline is the difference between success and failure. In any niche.  And that’s not hyperbole. In a world of instant gratification where another website is just a mouse click away, website owners need to find ways to grab the attention of a user, and long enough to …

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SEOThere are two essential SEO activities you need to work on to improve rankings:Optimising your current website content to increase search engine visibility (on-site SEO)Building links to your website from other sites around the web (off-site SEO)Both are important, but this guide will primarily focus on how I approach a typical link building campaign. ​Every website …

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25 Causes Of Procrastination (And How To Overcome It)

Do you put things off until the last possible moment?

Rather than studying for your next exam, do you jump down the Wikipedia rabbit hole…

To learn about goats or the French Revolution?

Procrastination is a disabling affliction and its effects far reaching.

And while the late-night, caffeine-fuelled writing sessions are often mocked, there’s a darker side to this disturbing psychological tendency.