Do you want more clients and customers?

Well it boils down to one main thing:

Online Content

This is what separates you from your competitors.

Think articles and blog posts...

Creating great content on topics relevant to your product or service makes your business glow like an amber bourbon on dark winter's night.

And as long as you're creating the correct content, it will improve your SEO (search engine optimisation), helping you rank higher in Google to get more eyeballs on your business.

The result?

More leads and customers. Simple.

How I Can Help

While I offer the full mix of marketing services, I specialise in the content marketing.

Having written everything from features for luxury lifestyle magazines to articles for early-stage startups, I'm uniquely positioned to create conversion-focused blog posts for your business.

I'm also an SEO specialist, which means I can craft a killer content strategy for your organisation, leveraging the latest search engine tactics to get you more website traffic.

If you want to invest in a sustainable, high-ROI marketing channel, I'm here to help.

My process works as follows:

Market Analysis

I will perform an audit of your website and current marketing strategy, along with competitor research to reverse engineer what's working.

Content Planning

I will take this information and perform in-depth search engine analysis to identify keyword and content opportunities, tailored specifically to your business.

Performance Tracking

I will closely monitor your article performance, reporting on key insights and discoveries, before iterating your content strategy accordingly.

Email me at [email protected] to get started.